The Harp

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About two weeks ago I drove down to the airport to pick up my folks. It was about 1am when I stepped out of the truck, beginning the concrete heavy walk to the sliding doors to enter the big house we call YVR. About three steps in, I heard it: a bird chirping, singing its song, crying for its mother, or taking in my presence. I don't know, but what I do know is how my heart filled with warmth and the smile that was distant from my sleepy face appeared as if it never left.

We're not quite in Spring season yet, but when I hear the birds chirping, I cannot help but feel my heart singing too. When 5am comes around and I become aware of the birds singing, I too become an instrument of Life's band.


Total running time 41:00

Album: Fink's Sunday Night Blues Club, Vol. 1

1) Cold Feet
2) She Was Right
3) Little Bump
4) Boneyard
5) Hard To See You Happy
6) Keep Myself Alone Now
7) Hour Golden
8) Black Curls

All tracks, by Fink

I'm going with a full album this week. I know, it's not a playlist, but it's a great listen through and through.



Leonel Franco