The Line

The line.jpeg

Change is inevitable. I'm sure you've heard this saying by now, if not felt it to be true. 

There's an invisible line that presents itself at the brink of change. Even if we're the first to say, " I don't need to change!", there's still a line.

The line is a magical little creation. It's how we can measure growth, how we can see the other side.

Ask two homies to grab the ends and jump rope that thing. That feeling of needing to be one thing or another is a great way to suffer. The alternative is to take it all in and play your part, for as long or little as it may last.

Jump The Line.


Total Running Time 35:27

1) Good Good Love, by Rapsody, Bj The Chicago Kid
2) Forth and Back, by Slum Village, Kurupt
3) Boney M Down, by Lindstrom, Prins Thomas
4) Buggin' Out, by A Tribe Called Quest
5) Alberto Balsalm (Aphex Twin Cover), by Dungen
6) Dream Machine (DownTempo Mix), by Mark Farina
7) Try A Little Tenderness, by Otis Redding
8) Take a Walk With Me, by Normanton Street


If you catch the theme throughout the playlist and title of this post, let me know. I'll buy you a coffee. 



Leonel Franco