A Drop of Water


Turn up the bass for this one and grab some head phones. Plug them in, or you know, go turn on the bluetooth. Give yourself some space to groove and be the dancer you know you are. Not the one you think you should be.

Feel the rhythm of your heart beat. It's the best drum you'll ever find or play.

Just like a drop of water rippling across the lake, your awareness will also ripple across space and time... 

That there, is just A Drop of Water.


Total Running Time 24:34

1) Youwile, by Toto Bona Lokua
2) Cumbia del Olvido, by Nicola Cruz
3) Poesies, by Chaton
4) Gon Stay, by SBTRKT, Sampha
5) Bum Bum Tam Tam, by MC Foti
6) Living It Up, by Damian Marley




Leonel Franco