The Golden Rule

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Unfornately for many, Karma doesn't work the way they would like. The idea of evil happening to evil, may not work out the way we wish. However, this doesn't take away from doing great things for others, in the hopes that they do the same in return. This in itself isn't Karma, but that's a whole other topic. 

My brotha Jay is a wild cat, a true Heart. A man who is willing to put his ideas aside to listen and understand another's perspective. Without comment or accusations, brothas will hear you out and let you be. Even if he thinks you're straight up nuts.

I'm dedicating this post to my homie Jay. A yogi without the title. A good friend without asking for a MVP badge. An incredibily determined man ready to annoy the shit out of you just to put a smile on your face. 

This is everyone in one way, shape or form. Brothas' lives in you, know it.



Total Running Time 38:51

1) Never Die, by Golden Rules (Feat. Yasin Bey)
2) Harlem River, by Kevin Morby
3) Harlem River (Recable Remix), by Recable
4) A1, by Darkside
5) Tuesday Fresh Cuts, by Bree Tranter
6) Laila's Wisdom, by Rapsody
7) H.S.K.T., by Sylvan Esso

All over the map. A reflection of the beauty of life. 

Listen to each song fully, even if you want to hit next. LISTEN. If your mind says, skip, dive into the feeling of why and keep listening. Let the music reach your bones. From one song to the other. 

It's a practice.


Leonel Franco