A man that knows one thing, knows he knows nothing at all.

A few months back I made the switch over from Spotify to Tidal. I did some research and found out some interesting numbers. Long story short, and I ain't no expert, but what I learned is this: Spotify pays the record label significantly less per play. Something like .0034/play on Spotify vs. .0134/play on Tidal. Like I said, significantly less. You see, money is energy and if it doesn't move it becomes stagnant and toxic. We know this. We practice movement of the body through Asana, yet we continue to neglect other faculties of our daily lifestyle practice. 


We're real clever.


This week's playlist is of all sorts of songs for you to enjoy. Whether you hit play on Tidal or not, stay alert and be awake my brothers and sisters. Enjoy

Total running time: 19:43

1) I'd Rather Go Blind, by Etta James
2) Eye's Closed, by Badbadnotgood
3) Be, by Common
4) On & On, by Erykah Badu
5) Passionfruit, by Drake