┬ęBen Owens - Leonel Franco 79

The idea of being more "my authentic self" or "becoming more my true self", implies that you are fake and not authentic, that you are somehow continuously  evolving into "more me". This is insane, because you could not possibly be more "you" than just Being. 

If you'd like to become your true self, then quit talking, you already are you. Just watch yourself. Now, if you'd like to sip on the eternal drank of You, then you really need to quit talking. Your "authentic" self needs no finding or becoming. Yoga is soul-searching, but you cannot find it, because you are in the way.

This playlist features some hip-hop and down-tempo electronics, completed by some beautiful guitar and banjo strings and the wonderful voice of Neil Young.

The intention of this playlist is to sit back. Put on some headphones, grab a hot drink, and hit play.

Total running time 23:36, 5 tracks.
1) Tie in, by Recondite
2) No More Wonderland, by Little Simz
3) Time to Leave, by Youandewan
4) Higher Calling, by Big K.R.I.T (Feat. Jill Scott)
5) Ola Man, by Neil Young

Again, listen through, with no skipping. Intently and with your complete attention. It's a practice.