Photo by, Paul Jarvis @pjrvs

Stay tuned for weekly updates that will include playlists of music I'm enjoying as of late. Along with the playlists, I'll be sharing with you some thoughts on the tracks, as well as current life musings.  I hope you enjoy.  

This playlist was made specifically for a running program I recently began.

The running time is 24:15, 5 tracks.
1) Summer Dreams, by Skream
2) Fast and Furious, by Wu-Tang Clan
3) G'd up, by Wu-Tang Clan
4) Bottles Up, by Jeezy
5) Drinking Sessions, by Big K.R.I.T

This playlist matched the timing for my running workout to the second, and I encourage you to find a physical activity that might match the length. The beginning song, Summer Dreams, is a great way to start because of its upbeat energy. Following is some of Wu-Tang's most recent work, which settles well into Jeezy's Bottles Up, and then finishes off with Drinking Sessions, by Big K.R.I.T. 

There's a real practice in pressing Play and not skipping a song, listening intently to the words, subtle sounds, and word play. Focus on the way your body feels as the disc spins.

This is an Explicit playlist, hip-hop focused, and meant to be played right through with a 6 - 12 second fade. I hope you enjoy it...


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