For a handful of years now, there has been an event that occurs annually. It’s something that you do and something that happens to you. And although that may sound obvious and ridiculous, I have been witness to people coming into themselves, waking up if you will, and having a realization like no other. This experience can be found under the title of, Savoir: to know, to have a direct experience. Yoga.

Investments, are you banking smart? Without sounding too much like a joker, the way in which we invest our focus and attention plays a major role in our perception, experiences, and existence. Yoga teacher training programs are vast, and vary in type the same way each apple various in its uniqueness. I’m privileged to have participated in the Savoir Teacher Training program, under the brave guidance of two friends, Jolene and Troy.  As a unit, they help a willing room of people to see the teacher they already are, to embrace that which makes you whole, and to use that knowledge in propelling yourself forward into You. A You that is capable of Being, regardless the moment.

Jolene Bayda and Troy Turi are taking the students of Savoir Teacher Training on a journey that is more self-guided than not and it all begins today. Regardless of those individuals realizing their investment in themselves, when you take such a leap into a program like Savoir, you are bound to gain a return as strong as your commitment. Go all the way, your life literally depends on it.

I’ve been asked many times for suggestions to a YTT, Yoga Teacher Training program, and I’ve although my opinions are biased, I like to give a few options because everyone is looking for something that suits them. That being said, if you ask me to tell you just one name, one program, it is Savoir. Find out for yourself. As it is written on their website, You are the key.

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