It is with great pleasure, admiration, and joy, that I engage in conversation with a wonderful person named Jamila. Jamila and I met in high school, the world of long hallways, old textbooks, and romantic ideals. Since that chapter in our lives, it’s fair to say that we’ve been all over the map, staying in touch through the magic of social media and shared interests. From the first day I met Jamila, I’ve always had the impression of her being a “do-er”. Whether it be playing and creating music, painting, writing, vocalizing her stand on social movements, making some damn fine looking cakes, photography, or just getting shit done, she always seems to put forth her best effort. These qualities and characteristics have not faded. If anything, she has grown into her “do-er” self, and with the grace of life itself, like a star, continues to shine bright. Motivation is looked for, if not felt, internally. Regardless of your goal, motivation doesn’t come attached to that goal. To be motivated, is to be inspired. Breath alone may just be all the inspiration one needs to move throughout life and fulfill one’s goals. But this isn’t always the case. External inspiration is valuable. Whether it be a role model, an artist, or a support group of peers, inspiration is a step on the staircase to success. Motivation follows closely, but it can easily fade away.

A smile to represent how happy I am for Avocado Toast Post.

A smile to represent how happy I am for Avocado Toast Post.

About a year ago, Jamila contacted me inquiring into my interest as a potential contributor for her nearly-new-to-press magazine “Avocado Toast Post”. I immediately felt humbled, excited, and ready to help out how ever I could. After an evening eating vegan cheese at Blue Heron Creamery, followed by a real cheese pizza and baked fries down the block, (I know, right…) I think it’s fair to say we had agreed to work together. I was aware of how much work lay in front Jamila: not only a full time 9 - 5, but also working tirelessly on other projects like writing reviews for musical events, photography, interviews for other organisations, creating and managing social media content, and you know, just living life to the fullest. Like I said, a do-er.

Fast forward to today. As the resident contributing Yogi for Avocado Toast Post, I couldn’t be happier to say that throughout the past year my friend, Jamila, has against who knows how many curve balls, managed to stay motivated and complete her project. The official release date has arrived and you can pre-order the magazine here.

Her dedication and hard work is admirable, and witnessing her staying motivated with the desire to create, is a true pleasure. I am full of joy as I watch this come to fruition and watch Jamila continue to support those around her with her power.

To my home girl, JM, thank you.

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