Changing Seasons

Crunching leaves below my feet as I walk, I begin to think about all the noise that we make as people. Cities are loud. Suburbs included, they’re just a rumbling zone of human vibration. I’ve had countless conversations with people on how loud it can be within a city and the challenge to find a quiet corner in which to settle. When Merrill and I decided to hit the road for a short camping trip this past weekend, we both smiled at the prospect. We’re privileged to be able to make our way into the woods with ease. Walking through trails surrounded by ferns, giant evergreen trees, squirrels, woodpeckers, and waterfalls does something to the spirit. Scientists have done various studies on the effects of being outdoors and the great energetic benefits that come of it…but really? Do we need a scientific study to tell us that nature is breath-taking and life-energy giving? Perhaps, and I guess that’s okay, it’s important to have data on these things. Our Ego needs assurances. However, knowledge through first hand experience is a valuable element to education, and essential to growth.

Make time for coffee breaks.

Make time for coffee breaks.

So here I am: hanging out with Omelius, walking through the woods, and taking in all the sounds and smells. The fern tattoo on my right leg vibrating as I walk past the ferns covering the forest floor. Smiling while Omelius jumps around smelling the scents the wilderness has to offer. He’s a natural-born hunter and I look forward to training further in that field with him. He spots and trees squirrels like it’s no big deal, and can find a deer with the power of his nose. It’s exciting to watch, and I daydream of hunting with him in the future.

Pouring hot coffee into my mug while Omelius rests in his crate after a walk in the woods is one of the luxuries in my life. Merrill and I both take great pleasure in tying up our hiking boots and hitting the trails. BC has so much to offer, and being within the city for too long is almost like staring at your phone for too long: it sucks the life out of us. Even a short walk around the hood is wonderful. But again, we’re privileged and grateful to do so. Life is a mystery to me, and I don’t know its secrets, but I have experienced awesome moments throughout and many have been outdoors. Breathing in the force of nature, holding the hand of life, while listening to its humble song.

Can you hear it?